How to export multiple Schedules to Excel?


Hi all,

Is the schedule related block being limited to some specific version of dynamo?
I’m using version 0.9 and could not find schedule related command.

So I just followed one of the solutions above, I’m using:
code block
String.Contains(views.Name, “Sheet List”, false);

And why is it not working?

Thanks a lot!


Can you show a preview of what you’re sending into views?
I’m guessing you’re getting some nulls somewhere.




hi Nick_Boyts

Yes I did send some nulls into the code block. Now I have fixed it.

But I still can’t find schedule.getdata after I installed the package bimorphNodes.
Is there any tips I have not noticed?

Thank you all.


What version of Dynamo are you running? You may need to upgrade.


Hello Lucas,
I tried the Graph exactly as Piotrek18 displayed in Dynamo Version 1.3.3 and it worked just fine.
In Version 2.0.1 it did coursed thesame errors as displayed by you but I did some changes and came
to thesame result as when using Version 1.3.3. Check the followings Images and hope it helps you out.

  1. Change this in Version 1.3.3

  2. Changes made in Version 2.0.1


Hi all,

Works the main code, thanks a lot.
Now the next unsolved error: I use 2.0.0 version but with Data.ExportExcell node tell me that excell isn’t installed. I export in all my nodes to excell. I’m can’t edit de python code eather.




What package is the “Data.ExportExcel” a part of?



Hi. How can I close this Topic? The main problem resolved.