How to export multiple Schedules to Excel?

ok, got it

I would try using the out of the box node for writing to Excel. You can specify the sheet name that way and write all your schedules to a single file.


I’ve tried, but didn’t success. Problem is i think that it still doesn’t create separate worksheets - only separate files.

Here is how it works with the OOTB node:

And with Bumblebee:

Look into the posts @Yna_Db gave you.

The OOTB Excel node has to take lines of data, not just schedule views. You should be able to easily retrieve this with the Schedule.GetData node from Bimorph.

EDIT: Using Bimorph to easily export schedules to Excel.


I answered a similar question before:

Awsome! thank all of you!
From my part I created graph like this:


i try to use OOTB nodes only, seems only ScheduleView.Fields available, any way to achieve similar result of Schedule.GetData of BimorphNodes? Python or custom node

Hi comunity,

I’m sorry to return this topic, but I create the same nodes and my name list is all empty.
Any idea?

Tks for assist.

Might be the lacing, maybe consider making all the lists visible as you can’t really tell where it’s currently going wrong.


Resending the nodes. I don’t understand why return a empty list after the bool filter.

Look at the results from the all elements of type (line 7) and schedulable fields name (line 7) they are not the same and do not match the search command of “string start with”

I would try to put the all elements output in the node “” and filter that results by the “string start with” node.

Look at the Bumblebee Pkg. They have a “BB Data” node that can take it straight to Excel by also including its own “Write Excel” node. Here’s how it can be used…

Hi all,

I believe my question is not clear. I would like to export Schedule View direct from revit, keeping the sum of elements and organization with filters. When I perform the traditional export, the dynamo creates an excell without grouping and filtering the families. Listing all items without categorizing, filtering and adding. I know that in excell it would be possible to do this without effort, but it is not the goal.

Description / Count / Level

Does anyone know if it’s possible to export this way?

Try the schedule nodes from Bimorph.

Hi all,

Is the schedule related block being limited to some specific version of dynamo?
I’m using version 0.9 and could not find schedule related command.

So I just followed one of the solutions above, I’m using:
code block
String.Contains(views.Name, “Sheet List”, false);

And why is it not working?

Thanks a lot!

Can you show a preview of what you’re sending into views?
I’m guessing you’re getting some nulls somewhere.


hi Nick_Boyts

Yes I did send some nulls into the code block. Now I have fixed it.

But I still can’t find schedule.getdata after I installed the package bimorphNodes.
Is there any tips I have not noticed?

Thank you all.

What version of Dynamo are you running? You may need to upgrade.