Exporting to my schedule excel

The below code allows me to export certain parameters from my project into excel and should allow me to make changes in excel that will then update in thge project.

Works quite well except for a couple of things.

I would like to export to excel with the marks in ascending order, if you look at the excel snap shot below the mark column is the first one and appears to be in a random order.

Also the 2nd column is the count from the schedule i.e how many of that one item. I cant seem to get this to export.

I’m ignoring all the yellow warnings at the moment because it does export properly.

Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks guys.

Dynamo View 1

Cheers Sylvester, worked like a dream. I’d tried the sort by node but didn’t use it how you did above, think I was missing the function, so thanks. Any ideas regarding count?

Your right I’m being silly! I was thinking that the excel export would look like my schedule in Revit.

Dont need count.

Thanks for your help.