How to edit electrical load classifications?

I managed to isolate load classifications for some receptacles as shown below. My question is: how can I change the load class to something else (i.e. general lighting -> lighting)? You can see how it dosen’t show the name of the load class; it just shows the id number and how its a load class. Any help is appreciated.

Do you want to change the name of the classification or change the classification to another option?

If you want to change the name, as a start try sending the classification elements into an element.parameters node, that should get you started.

If you want to change the value, find the element with the name you’re after, and feed that as the value for an element.setparametervaluebyname node.

Sorry, I am a newb to this forum so please bare with me…

I am trying to update the load classification through dynamo also, but this solution doesn’t seem to work. W want to pass a string value through to this parameter, but it wont take it, it wont take a number value either…

When I return the parameter value by name, it returns “ElectricalLoadClassification 1284514”…

The Parameter.UnitType returns UT_Number!