How To Draw Lines or Mass In Revit Using Dynamo

New here. Just wanted to start out right. How does one create lines in Dynamo to show in Revit? My attempt isn’t showing any on the Revit workspace. If so then how does one create mass forms in Dynamo to show up in Revit? Revit units already in meters. I’m using Revit 2015 and Dynamo Version 1.2.1 - Appreciate any lift up. Thanks!

Thanks Yna_Db. But in my example above, how come my Dynamo line isn’t showing in Revit? Do we really need to introduce SAT files to achieve this?

No, there are different and easy ways to do it, please see here for basic understanding:

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Thanks for the links. Will try them out. But just a quick one: The line I made in Dynamo suppose to appear in the Revit workspace (as shown in other tutorials) or am I missing something?

Hi @John_Ian_Fulgar

You need to do something with the line (which only exists in the Dynamo world)
Such as creating Revit elements from it, creating a model line, a detail line etc


Got it, Andrew. Thanks for that. I can now make the detail line and model lines. Except details lines are really hard to view in 3D view despite Views Node set to the 3D Views…

Sharing some things I found out as well: