Help on RevitPythonWrapper

Hi there,

I’m a beginner and I am having trouble with using the RPW package on Dynamo. May I ask for some advice on this please?

Thank you!

Not sure what you want to get with the script. It’s all wrong what ever you want.
If you want filename, you can get it with FileSystem.FileName node.

Thank you for having a look at my question… I’m actually trying to find a way to import rpw for me to use the user input dropdown list dialogue - I think I messed up since I am fairly new to coding in python.

The image below is reference from the revit python wrapper website, which I was hoping to create:

If you are after a UI, have you look at Data-Shapes package because this should fulfill most/all of your UI needs.

There is plenty of resource relating to how to use it as well.

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