How to deal with"No Parameter Found By that name"

I’m not sure why it warning that “No Parameter Found By that name”.
I do have a family type parameter with this name.
Looking for advise on what i’m doing wrong here.
Please see attached screen shot.

Thank u for your helps!

Quick answer: try SetParameterByName(TypeOrInstance) from Rhythm

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“Offset (default)” should be “Offset” in the string node. (default) in the family only shows whether it’s a type of instance property.

thank u for answer, but I tried change to the “Offset”,still not working…

between family types and element.set parameterByName
you should put the All Elements of Family Type Node

I am sorry…i am a freshman of Dynamo, could u please explain more?
Thank u for your patience!

See this thread:

You need a node to change from family type to a element because the input in the element.setparamterByName needs a element as input


Link to the original topic:

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Thank u sooo much:) It works!

Thanks for your suggestions, appreciating your help!

I can change this title for you if you wish. If you need Dynamo in hurry situations, you should also consider to take a look at the Primer in your free time:

Youre welcom

some aditional info of getting and selecting info from different elements
And just like Yna said in the dynamo primer you wil find al lot of information

Hi @scao9

Clockwork package has a node called “Element.ParameterExist” to filter if parameter exist.


Hi Nico, I am feeding all inputs as elements, but I am still getting the same error. Any suggestions?


Hi Rohan
What is the warning?
I think your input in value needs a number probably a zero (0) or a one (1)


Hi Nico,

Appreciate your quick response.

The warning reads, “No Parameter Found By that name”.

This logic works for a different group that changes the sheet parameter, “CHECKED BY” but gives warning for “Not for Construction” and “Show Key Plan” Parameters.
See below snippet, I have tried using Boolean, Integer Slider and String to feed “value”.

Rohan Agarwal

it means that the element you selected in revit doesn’t have a parameter called “Not For Construction”
show us a picture off the element you selected and its properties

Hello Rohan

this graph can help you to find and understand and to set parameter value’s