How to create the evolute of a curved object along a curved plan?

Hi guys,

I would like to know if there is a DS node allowing us to create the evolute of a curved object (for example a curve slab, see example below)

My objective is to create a cross section along a curved plan which is impossible in Revit. (cross section are straight)


Hello @FrancoisAPPERE,

a geometrical consideration on what you are trying to achieve.

On my opinion( please correct me if am wrong) your sketch is not precise, if you cut along the center line of the element the “X meters” distance is shorter than what you get.

You might achieve what you want cutting the element and then unwrapping the results.

Good luck.

Check this

This might give you some ideas too:

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Indeed this is more accurate.
Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks I know this video bur there is nothing about curved / developed cross section

Thanks @Dimitar_Venkov for the link! I will have a closer look !
That looks promising…!

Hello @FrancoisAPPERE,
Have You successfully written script for making this kind of section view?