How to create slope Cable tray?

hi everyone, please give me solution for create slope on list of cable tray. if possible or not really i don’t know but i needed very urgently because i want to rotate the list of cable tray in certain angle but it need 0.16% slope for rotating otherwise i can’t rotate it.
otherwise anyone have any node for rotate a list of cable tray’s please to reply.




It isn’t really clear what your screenshots are- but I’m guessing that the first one is the cross section of a segmental tunnel- and you want the cable trays to follow the alignment of the tunnel ?

So the cable tray has a constant axial (longitudinal) rotation, but not a constant planar rotation
In other words, it is twisted.

To do this, you might need to generate the geometry in Dynamo, rather than using system families based on curves.
In this example, I have created a cable tray as a DirectShape (similar to an in-place family)