Cabletray by lines

hello all, here i created node for cable tray by using lines. but cable tray not showing in dynamo. what mistakes i have made?

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Hi @Shoji,

You have to input an element type and not a string into cabletraytype.


thank you so much sir, and one more doubt here im doing one project which is cable tray creation for tunnel i.e) 10 km almost. how i can give cable tray for long path with the short pan pan of the time. give me idea sir,

thanks in advance…

I don’t understand this part of your post :

It will easier to help with a picture.

But yes it is probably possible to retrieve the path of the tunnel and feed this curve in CableTray.ByLines

for reference i uploaded my current project.that is almost 10km tunnel,in that my role is fixing cable tray, for that process from where i have to start my work. explain me sir

how i can take the path of tunnel sir?

If your tunnel is made of walls, you can get the curves of straight walls and translate them.

But it’s about geometric concepts and it’s totally different from your original post.
Please mark this topic as solved and start a new topic.

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