How to create Filled Region from Room Finish curves?

Hi guys,

I want to colored some rooms so I decide to put filled regions at the location the rooms. In order to do that I retrieve the boundaries of each room with the block Room.FinishBoundary and I filled the region with the block FilledRegion.ByCurves. The problem is an advertisement pop up saying : “This curve will make the loop not contiguous” and I don’t know why !! The result is some rooms aren’t filled by a region :sob: The screenshots below illustrate the problem.

Do you know what is the problem and how can I solve it ?

Thank you

Why would you not simply use a Color Scheme for this?


Genius! I will second that why?

Just in case you have a good reason, I will explain what can possibly be going wrong. Lines are not continues. Lines overlap. Lines are shorter than min accepted length.


I didn’t know about Color Scheme but it works well for my case.
Moreover I found the cause of the problem I exposed above, it’s because some boundaries of room are not fully closed.