How to create different segment length points?

actullay i try something but its not working.

i want to like below images

Are there any pattern in your num list?
If the sequence is symmetric, you could include a segment of negative numbers? you could set that distance in a new list.

In your first image you’re creating all the points based off the origin. You’re just listing the values in terms of displacement, not in terms of length along a curve.

You need to build your points based off previous locations by using the total displacement from the origin. Basically, you need to sum up all previous values.

dataEnteringNode = IN
nums = IN[0]
out = []
prev = 0

for num in nums:
	sum = prev + num
	prev = sum

OUT = out

@Nick_Boyts very thanks its working…yes you are right sum of previous num is good…and thanks once again for you valuable time to spend and paste the script.