How to create coordinate systems from element location and type parameter

I’m attempting to modify a script I found online ( Automate Section Views for Wall Documentation using Dynamo - AEC TECHY) that creates section views for selected walls. I’m modifying it so it creates section views for selected panels. Han did a wonderful job explaining his methods.

The Element.GetLocation node returns a line for walls and a point for panel elements. For each panel instance, I drew a line in the project global X direction and then created the origin from that curve using the Curve.PointAtParameter node.

The issue I’m having is that I need to create a line that is normal to the panel surface for each panel instance. Otherwise, I end up with something like the image below. As you can tell, I only tested the script on the leftmost panels.

Thank you in advance, I’d love to hear if the community has dealt with this before.

Maybe this could be of help.

WOW. That is powerful, and I was able to modify it to my use case a lot easier. I’m just getting started with dynamo but this is very interesting stuff. Thank you!

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There are a few Dynamo/Revit nerds out there that have a blog.
This was just one of them.
If you want to learn more, i am happy to share it, and so are others here in the Forum.
It will be a steep learning curve, buckle up :slight_smile: