Element.location - Coordinates Reference Point

Hi everyone,
I am new to Dynamo. I am trying to export the reference points of cladding panels (I created them from a metric generic model) of a wall.
I need to know the coordinates of their reference points.
So, in Revit I’ve set the origin in the origin of the wall - it represents the (0,0,0).
Then, in Dynamo I’ve defined the elements location as shown in the picture:

I am able to obtain the excel sheet but there are only positive values. Actually, some coordinates values should be negative…

Can anyone explain me why there are only positive values??

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Cannot deduce much from the graph posted by you, but my guess is that somewhere you are using Geometry.DistanceTo

The result of this node is always positive irrespective of the sequence of elements.

Hi Erika,

It would be better if you can drop here rvt and dyn files or send us the link of the files. Your image doesn’t show full graph.

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Thank you for your suggestions!

I’ve solved the issue. The problem was related to the reference points of the elements. Since I have used a metric generic model wall based for the design of the cladding panel, the reference points were inside the walls.
Changing the metric generic model wall based into a metric generic model surface based, the values result to be correct!

Thank you again!


The attached files completes my trilogy which started with the following post Process family parameters, in writing family parameters from Excel to Revit to control families in Revit via an Excel spreadsheet, then extracting family parameters from Revit to write back to Excel.

This is final component to extract the family x,y,z position from Revit to write to Excel. Thereby you can use the spreadsheet to manipulate a family’s x,y,z position and any family parameters and run the Dynamo script to update Revit or manipulate families in Revit and then write back the data to update the spreadsheet.

It differs slightly from EKAS88’s method, using FamilyInstance.Location instead of Element.Location to extract the x, y, z point values.

Hopefully you will be able to make use of it or further enhance it. To get the script running you will need to update your location of where the the excel file “Cubes” is stored.
Cubes.xls (27 KB)
xLS2CUBED.dyn (40.6 KB)
CubeD.rvt (1.3 MB)


Thank you for sharing this on of the very important script, I have tried it, I got the lengths & coordinates.
I have changed the family mark name & location, location coordinate has been updated in excel but mark are not showing or updated in excel, if you can please help me to this.