How to create Concrete Box Girder Bridge in Dynamo

Hello there, I would like to create a Concrete Box girder Bridge using Dynamo. I have created the coordinates and accumulated them in one list. then, I want to create a surface by using Surface.ByPerimeterPoints. But, it did not work. in previous, I did the same thing but solid, without a hole. it was working.

My goal is to design a Balance cantilever bridge with a straight Centerline. could any m

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-Which points did you insert to dynamo ?

  • If you have a source file of these points, it should be C3D file, Why don’t you use Civilconnection package ?

  • How will you create bridge segments without having a family ?

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Sir, I Extract the Coordinates point from the Bridge section and then try to use a dynamo to create. I
don’t use Civil 3D points. Because I am a new user of Dynamo, I did not know much yet about dynamo.
I just extract the point. you may see in the attachment.

ok. as a start try to get the outer perimeter points separated and create polyline by points then do the same for hole points , then extrude the outer polycurve to solid then the inner to void or other solid and get difference.

But take care to not include barrier points with the outer perimeter it will make not valid polycurve.

Sir, For solid. is okay. you may see in the attachment here. But I want to make a hole.![s33|690x281](upload://boTOPzv4FpI6eMfEUOMc8f8MMsK.png)

Sir for solid is like this.

Try to deal with the hole as another solid, then make solid.difference to get the required solid.

Thank you, Sir.
I try to deal with the hole. please assist me.

Sir, This is the bridge that I want to design using dynamo. but as a beginner is very difficult.

It’s not that hard but if you deal with it with adaptive component family it will work fine, or keep on your way but take into consideration that the bottom CL of bridge is curved so use it with the straight top CL as guide curves through your extrusion process.

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Okay sir, But I did not try using Adaptive family yet.
Sir, if you are available or have free time, could you show me the method of using adaptive family to a dynamo for balance cantilever bridge?
Thank you.

Send me this Dwg. file by message.

Thank you very much, sir.
Could you allow me to send the file to you through email?
This may email:

Here below a sample of your bridge using Revit adaptive component, RVT file sent to your mail for your action.

If you find it helpful please mark it as solution. Thanks.

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Thank very much Sir. I did it.