How to create an script in Dynamo to add ceiling T Bars to the acoustical ceilings

Hello community, I am seeking assistance in creating a script that will enable me to accurately place T-bars in the acoustical ceiling within Revit rather than just displaying lines.
Thank you.

Welcome to the community!
Generally speaking, this is a ‘help us help you’ sort of forum. Everyone that responds is volunteering a bit of their time to help, so if you have any progress started on your script or thoughts about how to implement what you’re looking to do, that’s going to go a long way to getting a timely response back.

A few questions since I don’t usually do ceiling systems.
What does a t-bar family look like? Do they need to replicate the wall-to-wall dimension of the display lines you’d see in Revit?
Is it general practice that you center the tiles on the centerpoint of the room to minimize tile usage?

The last time I looked into ceiling systems (as part of trying to place air terminals), I don’t believe the line elements in the ceiling systems were accessible.

Some context (from 2018). At that point in time, the fill pattern lines weren’t exposed to the API. I can’t find threads that suggest that’s changed since. So you have to replicate the logic in your script instead of lifting the lines directly.

If you’re following the strategy of reducing tiles used, you can replicate the lines yourself based on knowing the center of the room, the perimeter boundary of the room, and the X/Y spacing of the lines.


Here’s a good explanation by @Vikram_Subbaiah that can walk you through the logic of where the teebar goes to optimize tile usage.

It’s not directly exposed, but there is some funkiness with Stable Representations that you can use to get at this. The link below is with regard to getting references for dimensions, but you can use similar tricks to get geometry to create Revit elements form. I had a little project in early stages I was playing around with to place a setout marker and dimensions for ceiling tile setouts, and also to be able to provide model line elements on grids so I could see the grids in Navisworks/Revizto/etc where the Revit surface pattern doesn’t get exported, so it should be doable.

One simpler possibility to try could be to stick to Revit tools and do something using sloped glazing to create your ceiling tiles as curtain panels and t bars as mullions.

Hi @palvarado probably something here could help

@sovitek I was not able to find the “Ceiling.getceilingBoundary” and the “Ceiling.GetGridCurves” nodes. Where can I get those nodes?
Thanks for your help

yeah sure its from sparrow package. hope it could work …ps intead of given a link as i do just give a null in active document and works great for links as well if that you want

I’ve managed to create the Gridlines and boundaries of the ceiling in 2D using the script. However, I’m now looking to add a T-bar component to each grid of the ceiling within the same script. Could you please advise me on how to do this?
I sent you a link where you can download the ceiling T-bar component.
ceiling T-bar

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Hi you are welcome, could you show your graph as an image, so far you are now, you know many lazy people in here :wink:


Let me know if you need something else.

Thank you!

allright try something here and lets us know how it works…i use clockwork for line based family, and keep in mind the sparrow node only works on straight boundaries


ps… and if you wanna split the ceilings in these bars, something could work…

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Thanks, @sovitek. I think we are almost there.

Two issues

  • The T-Bar component must be flipped, So the T must be at the bottom of the ceiling. Right now, it is at the top.

The T-Bar components should be positioned between the ceiling rather than below it.


When adding the T-bar component to a linked file, should I choose the link that has the ceilings and will be compatible? Typically, I include the T-bars in linked files.

Thank you so much for your help. you mean something here…its on a link ?


Hello, I plan to utilize this script to install T-bars on acoustical ceilings that are included in a Revit link.

  • Can you place the T-Bars in between the ceiling tiles at the same elevation as the ones at the edges?

Thank you!

Im not sure what you wanna plan, until now the community tried help,we dont cant see any example nothing…please show !!! it isnt a " do my job session

Hi, sorry for the confusion.

See the screenshot below,

Let me know your thoughts about it.


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Yes it will work on link if you feed in a linkinstance as you do…for select the ceiling then use spring select link element…

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Hi @sovitek this is what I have so far. I think I have something wrong in my script. it is not working with the Revit link.

Do you see where is my problem?