How to create a smooth star shape

Hi Dynamo community,
I have points that when turned into a polygon create a 2D star shape (pointy starfish). I am wondering how I can use these same points to create a smooth NURBS curve, but one that passes through the outer points of the star and rounds the inner points. Hope that was clear. Thanks.

What if you would place a point in the middle of the star, use closest point to (to get the inner points)
Then take two outer points and create a nurbs curve with the inner point in the middle of the list.

  1. outer
  2. inner
  3. outer


Thank Marcel. I have the order of the points correct and all that. The main issue is that when I create a NURBS curve, if I use degree 0, it is same as before (pointy polygonal star shape) and if I use degree 2, it doesn’t actually go through the points, outer or inner. I am wondering if anyone knows how to closely control the NURBS curve to force it to go through the outer points.

Have a look here and play with the sliders.
Geometry for Computational Design - Curves.dyn (5.0 KB)