How to Create a Set of Rules for a View Filter

Hello there,
I am trying to create a filter that contains two set of rules using Dynamo. The picture below shows the end result that I need to achieve and my attempt to do that in Dynamo using a list of lists, it picks up the first list but not the other:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Try flattening the filter rule list and set the rules input level to @L2 on the parameter filter element by rules node.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work as expected, by flattening the list it recognizes the filters as one consolidated set not two different sets as I need:

I don’t think it’s possible then. I don’t see the option in the Revit API for adding a new set and every option tested using a passthrough and/or transactions or running a second script, the second filter-rule always over wrote the first one. So you may either have to consolidate all the rules or add the second set manually.

Maybe someone else has some input, that I am not thinking about.

It was some playing around with Lacing but I think you guys were on the right track.

These are all archi.lab nodes and I noticed you have to be precise with the CreateAndSet and CreateOrSet
Hopefully this will help you out