How to create a new project parameter

Hello, I am trying to create what I thought would be the easiest project parameter but its not working. I looked this node up on Dynamo Dictionary but it is still rejecting it for some reason. Any idea why? Thanks!

There are nodes you can use to make this a little easier. The parameter groups start with “GP_”.


Thanks but I still think there is something wrong which text parameter is the correct one?

The Type was correct before.

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Oh man, this is not an easy node. Now it doesnt like my category

You can’t assign parameters to Lines.

Well then we should be able to. That stinks. I mean they dont even have a comments parameter :frowning:

Can you change the category of a model line and then add a parameter to it?



If your model lines are mainly linear you could make a line-based Generic Model, and use Dynamo to replace your Model Lines with that family.

Thanks awilliams, but what I am trying to do is create a 3D grid and copy the grid information to the lines so I know which one is which. Which means that each line would need to be its own family and that would turn into a pain in the butt I think, but its ok, Ill just keep it for now. Thanks anyways!

Using a line based generic model family would work just the same as model lines, save for some errors that might turn up if you have non-linear grids

Edit: This screencast for making 3D grids with model lines might also be of use to you as well; it allows you to construct model lines identifying each grid via the DynamoText package


@Nick_Boyts thank you :grinning:I got an error in Parameter.CreateProjectParameter and by using Select BuiltIn Parameter Group it had been solved
thank you