How to: Create a dynamo workflow / macro button to turn on/off all point clouds in the active view

Hello All,

Part of my job requires QA processes which in turn force me to continuously turn on/off ALL of the point clouds in the view.

After reading online I’ve been unable to find a solution to making this a quick/easy task.

Essentially i’d like to be able to either create a dynamo workflow that allows me to turn on / off all point clouds in the active view (by visibility / graphics overrides, not by template).

Alternatively it would be great to be able to achieve the same result via a macro / button in Revit.

Personally i’m a complete novice with macros / code so i’ll be trying to progress with the dynamo route.

Has anyone looked into this in the past?
I will continue to update this thread as/when i’m able to look at this properly and start progressing my approach.

Thanks in advance for any assistance / suggestions.
It could probably all be done in a python script but I’m no-where near that level of knowledge yet :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jack.

So, surprisingly I’ve been able to achieve the desired dynamo workflow in a matter of 6 nodes :slight_smile:

Using the workflow below, it’s just a case of toggling the boolean node.

If anyone has managed to achieve the same result with a Macro / button approach i’d be very interested! For now i will mark this as my solution.