Render All 3D Views in Cloud Problem

Hi my Friends,

I am having some trouble here trying to find a way to quickly test how all the perspectives look,
know you can do it without Dynamo by selecting all views and then click render in cloud. However, doing it in that way you cannot have all the views rendered in an acceptable quality. I am wondering if dynamo can help me submit each individual view separately with the same parameter.
here is what I tried…


What are the errors and can you expand the previews on the prior nodes?

it is saying “Warning: Null value cannot be cast to Boolean”… not sure about what that means exactly///

I am also having issues with these nodes. @moffick I believe you need to continue adding data to the Do Cloud Render node. Take a look at how far I got, but unfortunately I am stuck in a different way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Warning: CloudRendering.Run expects argument type(s) (UploadedRenderData, AbstractCloudRenderingJob[], bool, string), but was called with (Analyze.Render.UploadedRenderData[], Analyze.Render.CloudRenderingJob[], bool, System.IO.DirectoryInfo).

@PeteHeibel were you able to determine why your final node is not working? I am having the same issue.

Try this:

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Thanks @JacobSmall.

@michaelsraw, what Jacob posted is exactly what I did and it was resolved.

What version of dynamo are you using here?