How to copy text directly from dynamo?

Hello, I have a long text note that had one sentence in it that I wrote in lower case. I figured it would be easy to convert using dynamo, but when I tried to convert the entire note, it had formatting issues. The formatting issues I’m just going to have to deal with because they are company standards. However, I figured I could just copy the one sentence in revit to my clip board and paste it into dynamo and have it convert that. Well it did that just fine, but when I click on the watch node and try to copy the converted text, back onto my clipboard, it doesnt do anything, Is this possible? Am I missing something, or do I actually have to export it out to a file like with the other node shown below. Obviously, the implications of this is more important to me that the graph actually working better, since it was so easy. Thanks in advance!


Can one do this from a list of values? Say for example a group of points that you want to save somewhere to use later with point from string? Without having to pipe in the same process used to obtain them.

I think you’d have to concatenate your strings before copying and split them after pasting.

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A better solution for ‘later use’ would be to have dynamo write the values as a .csv which would be saved without required user pasting (cuz you know at some point someone is going to mess up that manual process).

Jacob, Is there an update to create a singular line of string for each index in the list?

Not sure what you’re asking for, perhaps upload a sketch to a new topic as this one already has a solution.

man ! its been so long, why cant they copy these features from grasshopper