Copy + paste nodes from one dynamo file to another

hello guys,

I’m trying to copy and paste this entire script that I made into another file
Seems like its not working and there is no importing function.

Any help? thank you in advance.

You should be able to do this by opening up your file, copying the nodes, opening a new file (or an existing file) and pasting.

However, you can only copy nodes within the same instance of Dynamo, dynamo does not serilase to the clipboard as far as I’m aware and can’t be copied between multiple dynamo sessions.

thank you daniel.

copying the node is pretty much ctrl c and v right ?
that is not working for me :frowning:

Yes, that is correct. Are you copying and pasting within the same dynamo?

I have two Revit+Dynamos

Revit A + Dynamo A & Revit B + Dynamo B
I’m trying to copy Dynamo A script into Dynamo B environment

As I said, this is not possible, you can ONLY copy within the same application. So dynamo A to Dynamo A

If you want to copy from script to script, open the script you wish to copy the nodes, copy the nodes, close the script, open another script and paste.

Hi @mrkpkimEMSRM
Normally you have open only one Revit session, open the script A, select nodes, copy (with ctrl+C or from menu), close script A. After open script B, and paste.

You can also convert the graph you are trying to copy from into a custom node, and open the resulting DYF while keeping the dyn you want to paste into open in a single session (concurrently).

I believe you can do a quick conversion by copying the dyn and changing the file extension to dyf.