Document.LoadFamily wont accept an RFA file

I need to load my active family into a list of other families that it is nested into. Orchid node Document.loadfamily wont accept a list of RFA files anymore. Any ideas? semi-comfortable with python.


I would raise this as an Issue on the Orchid Github…

Hope that helps,


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yup thanks Mark, I already have. Ideally I would like to learn how to do this in python if possible so I can code it myself. I have been working on some code I copied from a tutorial by Ehsan Iran-Nejad eirannejad but it was designed as these nodes, to load families into the active document, and modifying it to load families into a list of background documents is challenging

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That’s cool, maybe post your code and we can look through it? I’ve done similar things…

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I am going to start a new topic on this since its going to kind of morph into a dev discussion :slight_smile:

its here: Working on some code to load current (shared) family into a list of background opened family documents