How to convert numeric string with "E" to number

Hi, do you have any solution for this, please?

Hello @Drbohlav …could it help to try to round your numbers…

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How to round when I have only string? I have string because I can’t get Z coordinate from block reference. I used this:

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And I can’t get Z from Point3d

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hehehe aha its civil3d…then im not the right person :wink:

Thank you @sovitek, but it is not about Civil 3D.
I found solution with Python

Yes @Drbohlav you have right…its just a list :wink:


Thank you @mzjensen

It’s unclear what you’re actually after. As @sovitek said, you should just need to round those values to something more reasonable. Depending on what you’re doing with them, that may not even be necessary.

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