How to convert from Dynamo to C#

Dynamo has become a vital tool for our organisation. Our consultants have helped many clients to automate tedious, repetitive tasks by investing just a half day into making a good script.
Now we’ve hired a programmer to develop more solutions, and one of his tasks is to see if he can take the Dynamo scripts and either replicate these steps in C#, or directly convert them using a third party tool.
I can see a few possibilities here; since Dynamo is a sandbox environment built around the API, it either calls some Revit API functions directly, or utilizes a collection of classes that use the API indirectly (in which case we’ll have to dive into the source code).

Does anyone have experience with this topic?
Kind regards as always.

Hi Bram,
Hope this helps

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It is first topic in google and it still has not response. Link above is not about question

Dynamo graphs cannot be converted to C#. It is possible to achieve similar results by creating a Revit plugin in C# using the Revit API, but the two (Dynamo and C#) are inherently different.

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