Convert a dynamo script to C# plugin

Hi there,
I’m trying to convert a dynamo script into C# code so that I can use it as a simple plugin rather than open Dynamo every time. I think its a very simple script that just extracts some parameters from the model. I have attached the script

Do i have to learn C# and do it myself or is there any platform or service that can do it for me?

collect info.dyn (16.4 KB)

Learn c# and do it yourself, unless you hire someone to do it for you I guess!


I would like to do exactly the same. I am trying to figure out how to jump from xml to C# and apply it in Visual Studio, where only the connectors to the Revit API would be needed and the “translated” code…

You may want to look at utilizing dynamo player as a possible solution

Alright, i will try it out. I am pretty new in Dynamo so i guess i will need some time… however, i have done object-oriented java and c++ so i guess dyn approach will be smooth!

Good starter here!

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This is also very helpful!

I feel pyrevit is a good option unless you are a programmer, there are many advantages like no need to launch revit every time you make little changes to your script ect…
Apart from that python is popular and widely used compared to c#.
Lastly the tutorials esha is making for his pyrevit is super awesome…!

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