How to convert a solid geometry like a revit wall to a surface?

For plywood cutting purposes…
Is posible get a basic revit geometry from a wall (in fact a surface) to get the surface?

Hi @jpTrujilloLevy ,

try this node :

Thanks Mostafa.
But I looking for the automated method. An example of this is at
For that case I think the geometry came from a family, not a wall, but the procces is the same I hope. Tx

Try Element.Faces

@jpTrujilloLevy You will get better advice and assistance if you convey your intent better with examples of your attempts so far.

Okay I understand better now. Here’s one way to do that :

you feed this workflow a solid geometry + a line to give the direction of the cut and you get all the contour lines for cutting your wood :slight_smile:

contour cut.dyn (15.1 KB)

Thanks guys… you make Dynamo wonders me!

I found a trick for my purpose. I just modeled revit families with the desired lines inside and them extract the curve geometry. For fabrication y used DynamoUnfold so I convert curves to surfaces and unfold. I think this is a double process =(.

I have a question… How can I see the surfaces normals? I want to be sure Im working in the right face

I think now I can build my bulldog Napoleon´s House, but jus a regular one. I tried to the same process to a curved curtain system from pattern based panel. but it doesnt work becaus I was not able to extract the curves… any idea?