How to control single point AC normals on a curve

I’ve hit a bump with my normals… Trying to get a single point adaptive components to orient to a curve when placed via Dynamo. I’ve confirmed the AC family is working (went through every orientation value), but when I run the Dynamo script the ACs conveniently “forget” to follow the AC point orientation. (see image here showing left curve with ACs placed via Dynamo. The right curve showing proper alignment of ACs which have been placed manually)… At the heart of it, I want to control the normal value at each point along the xyz array to be “up” relative to the curve’s vector. I’m assuming the xyz array doesn’t associate with the curve in this way but not sure of the solution. Please advise… or at least get me pointed in the right direction.



I’m working via latest Vasari and latest Dynamo versions.

I haven't worked with that node myself yet, but I guess that would have to be a normalized curve parameter - a value between 0 and 1 describing the position of the point on a curve.

For a list of normalized values use the Number node with "0..1..#x" where x equals the number of points on the curve (or install the Normalization package that includes a custom node called Normalized Sequence which is just a wrapper for that specific use of the Number node).

Working through this but the Adaptive Component by Parameter contains a new input - "params". What type of input can I link to the params node? I tried to convert a list of xyzs arrayed on curve into reference points (creating a list of ref points) to port into the params node but to no avail.

I think you want to use the Adaptive Component by Parameter on Curve node, not Adaptive Component by XYZs.