How to close Excel files after creation?

I have a workflow to create Excel files from Revit schedules. After creating the files, I want to close them, but can’t figure out to do this from Dynamo.

@gduncan74 did you find a solution to this? i have a similar situation and looking to close specific multiple excel files as a clean up exercise.

No solution on this one yet?

No solution and apparently no research or attempts neither. A sum-up of what could relate to this goal would help this discussion to go further.

I believe that exporting with BumbleBee package will execute Excel in the background, not opening the created spreadsheet. Otherwise the way to achieve this would be to get a list of all running processes, identify the Excel process and then kill it. That should be just a few lines of Python.


Another option I have used is conditions where I want to get Schedule Data out of our Revit into Excel as a table, but not have the Revit user open the excel file directly. Is to export the data to a CSV and then create a Link in the Excel File to read the CSV file as a table. As long as you are writing to a common CSV file any time the Excel is open it can update with the current data. This solution would mean the Revit user would not need to open and/or close the Excel file after running.

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See this also:

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