How to clear list

I want to clear all parameters values in spaces. I can get all elements to have same length list then I try to replace all values with null and set parameter… but when I do not type condition it does not work…

I have may different text just want clear, delete …set to null each value

Any tips?

What you’re currently doing is putting in a string called ‘Null’ (i.e text). If you remove the “” marks, it should turn purple, which will indicate it’s a real ‘null’ value.

I mange to do it this way in condition it is enough to have just equal… this was just test try approach




Seeing that you just want to overwrite all parameters, you directly just set the value “” using Element.SetParameterValueByName

I’m unable to understand the purpose served by first making them null or empty

I am creating special script that will compare MEP model and Architect model and I am bringing both parameters…in theory everything should work perfectly but I want to have ability to clear everything to make sure we start from clean page also when I start new things I like ability to clean model quickly and reuse it. Last one I reuse some generic parameters for different purposes instead of creating hundreds of parameters.

ps. I used this clearing method

is this how clear parameters in objects? or it can be optimized?

Vikram , is there better way to clearing all values from list for specific parameters? example…when I start new phase of project I want to delete all values and bring new one. As I do not do all spaces form start so list length does not match…other alternative would be delete project parameters and import again but in this case we get deleted all colour scheme