How to Clean all data in an excel Spreadsheet from dynamo

So, i managed to create a code to write all my schedules in an excel spreadsheet
but i still have a problem, whenever i need to update the schedule the code doesn’t work properly
and i need to delete the existing spreadsheet so that i can get a new one with the updated scheduled values

what i want to do is to find a way to clean all data of this spreadsheet before starting it, so i wouldn’t need to delete the spreadsheet every time i update my schedules.

Thank you all in advance!

I already started a post on that…

If you are not using Macro Enable file you can use native dynamo write to excel node. If you have Macro Excel file… then let’s try to find solution together

i found the solution by my self, here it is.

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I just created a “little” dataFilter for my Path Input. This way it can only start input when the sheet was cleaned :slight_smile: