Excel data clean

I have data from revit to excel.

If i have 10 door and use dynamo for create shedulle in excel…there is problem if i deleted 6 door…

now i have overwrited 4 row in excel but there is also old data about 6 door…

Is possible before reload data in excel(before send data excel) clean data in excel??



Hi Fiala,

Yes it is possible see below example of door.

This is before thee are 10 doors from revit to excel:




And this is after i deleted 6 doors from revit to excel how to clean excel data.


Note: Above examples are shown is same excel file.

Good Luck!


Hi Kulkul,

Can you show larger screenshots for clearer Dynamo scripts?

Thank you.


Hi @ddd-team

Yes! See below.

Dear Kulkul,

Thank you very much for your quick response!
Appreciate it very much. :slight_smile: