Bumblebee - how to clear excel before import


Is there any chance we can can add clear sheet before import into Write excel node?

or some possible connection with clear excel?
I can not clear and write excel in one script…using player…
Appreciate your feedback or advice,

Might not work, but have you tried using the write to excel node twice - once with all null values and once with the correct data? If you wire things correctly to rely on order (one code block containing both the output from the first write to excel node as a unwired output and the file path for your second node should do the trick.

I need to be able to run this in one click,

You have to add a Transaction.End node after the Clear contents node.

Have a look at this Code, it might help you[Exporta pro Excel.dyn (47.3 KB)

It is configured to a portuguese version of Excel, you can use google translator for the words you don’t recognize.

thanks a lot will test if can do clear and write in one go…

So feeding nulls into the spreadsheet and overwriting it’s contents with blank data and then feeding the correct data didn’t work? I’ll look into this Monday as I swear I did this before.

Try using the ‘wait for’ passthrough node from clockwork?