Clearing Data From Excel Before Writing New Data

I am using Bumblebee to write some data into Excel and I need to clear previous data from Excel prior to writing the new data. I am attempting to use the “Clear Contents” node provided with the Bumblebee package but I am unable to make it work.
I followed the example here: but it is not clearing the data.
The worksheet name is spelled correctly in Dynamo and matches the worksheet name in the Excel file.

Searching through the forum I found several similar issues but I am not able to make any of those work either. The best post I could find regarding this issue was this one: one:How to Clean all data in an excel Spreadsheet from dynamo but adding the “Transaction End” as suggested in that post still failed to clear the data.

The only way I have found to make it work is to remove the file path connection to the “Clear Contents” node, open the test workbook, run Dynamo, and then it works; all the data is cleared.

Can anyone point me to what I am doing wrong? Is there a different way I should be providing the path to the Excel file (it seems the node isn’t locating the Excel file for some reason since it does work if Excel is opened)?