How to check if Revit removed families placed by Dynamo

Hi, I’m attempting to populate an empty Revit file with Revit families, based on an Excel file that holds all the family names and configurations.
Some families will ‘break’ as a result of the configuration (delete type), and have to be removed from the project in order to continue.

Expected behavior:
The families are all placed according to the Excel sheet, and a report of deleted families is written back to the Excel sheet.

Observed behavior:
All the families are placed and configured neatly, some families did break as a result of an impossible configuration. However I can’t manage to compare the families that survived the dynamo script, vs the ones that had to be deleted.

What I tried:
I attempted to read all placed families of that category, and compare them to the list of families that I intended to read. However, it reads all the families at the beginning of the script before they are configured (and deleted).
I inserted a pause which didn’t get the right result.
The deleted families are labeled as ‘empty’ families however I can’t evaluate that. If I translate this to a string, it does show its proper name.
Does anyone have a suggestion how I might tackle this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Bram_Weinreder1 Could you drop screenshot/relevant files so that we can have closer look at it. Thanks :slight_smile: