How to change degree of "Nurbscurve by points" in Python script?

Recently, I am trying to make a interpolated curve(“NurbsCurve.ByPoints(point,bool”) using Python. but I don’t know how can i change the degree of curve. It is fixed default value at Int 3. But I want to change the degree 4, 5, 6, or others.

Is there any solutions?

I’m not familiar with Python but, there is overload of this method where you can pass points and degree, use it instead of point, bool.

Thank you for your useful anwer.

I have tried to input (points, degree(int)) instead of (points, bool). But it doesn’t work that i expected.
The nurbscurve has 3 degree and closed curve. That makes me crazy. what is the problem?

*my dynamo version is 2.7.0