How to change Custom Node to normal Dynamo?

Same the topic. How to change Custom Node back to normal Dynamo script (.dyf to .dyn)???

Thank so much.

Double click on it and copy the inside into your Dyn file.

Why don’t you copy/paste the content of the dyf file into a new dyn file ?

I try to copy/paste but in my Custom Node have many node. When I copy/paste take a long time.

Well, so be it.
Surprised it takes long though, shouldn’t take longer than seconds to copy it.
The issue might be that its set to automatic and it tries to run the connected nodes you just placed in the file.
But it taking a long time should be the least of your worries.


On a decent computer it shouldn’t take more than 1 minute to copy an extremely complex graph.
And the advantage of having it in a custom node is that you can actually have both open at the same time.

But remember to turn off Automatic as this will lead to significant headaches.