How to change a value in a list

Hello all,

i have a list with points. I want to change the z value of the points when its less then -300 to -300. So is the value is -600 it should be -300.

is there a smart way to do this?

Dynamo RemapRange node

Here, for you to get more understanding …

Eg, Z values greater than 10 , i want 10.

hi Jean,

i am very new to this, so what do you mean by that? Is it an package?

it is in dynamo

If you’re not afraid of some design scripting you can do something like this:


What about the ReplaceByCondition node?

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Afraid? haha yes a little bit… but i like to learn! This is exactly what i am looking for. Thanks a lot

Hi Jean,
I have the same issue but more complicated.
the condition is : if item value less than 125 AND greater than 1 then replace with 125,
and if item value less than 250 AND greater than 125 then replace with 250 in the same list.and so on.


Hey John, please try this :relaxed:

Thanks Jean for reply, but i didn’t got it clearly,

i need to continue the process to replace the item(X) which 250>X>125, with 250. in the same list (145 items).

Maybe simpler ways but:


Hey john , please try again :relaxed:


OHHH Thankss Jostein, This is what i exactly want


Thankssss Jean, it’s working well now :slight_smile::slight_smile: