Value between x and y replacing with different condition

Hello everyone,

I am trying to replace values by a condition. And that condition has a between value. So from 0 to 4200 I want to replace with a 1, from 4200 to 8000 with a 2, etc. It sounds manageble, but i’m not able to figure this one out.
Can someone help me with this?

Tnx very much, Berend.

dependent on how long your predicate list is you can use this syntax in Designscript.

test?value if true:value if false. Can also work nested like this:

replace.dyn (8.9 KB)

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Tnx Vikram,

To compare the values by two different bigger or smaller nodes and then when both are true -> euraka!

I wanted to do this 1 one step and was only thinking about that.

Many many tnx,