How to change a parameter value of an element using criteria in dynamo?

Hello guys, I have 3 beams in one project and I’m trying to change a parameter called “Titulo” (it means title in English) of the ones in which this parameter is empty. In the project, the first beam has “Titulo = Beam 1”. So, what I’m trying to do is put “Beam 2” by filtering the ones that have this parameter empty. This what I’ve developed so far in Dynamo, but I don’t know why the “Id to Element” give me an empty list. Does anybody can help me understand that?

Why convert the element to an Id if you’re just going to convert the Id back to the element? You can skip those nodes altogether and it should work. If you need the Id for something else it would make more sense to handle that separately.


Hi Nick, thank you so much man, it worked!!! I just started to learn Dynamo 3 days ago, so it was difficult to understand even though it was simple case. But again, thanks, you solved it for me.