How to call the conduit run parameters

hello, I am trying to make a conduit run schedule work. Apparently with conduit runs without fittings, the only way to link these types of conduit runs together is via the comments parameter.


However, I have many parameters set up as project parameters that are set to the conduit run category, so i know they exist. However, when I populate these parameters in revit, it is only populating them via the conduit fitting/conduits category and not the conduit runs category. So my question is there a way to distinguish which category hosted parameter you want to write information to so that I can dump all of my information into the conduit run schedule? Sorry I dont have an accompanying script, my question is hypothetical, I am just hoping someone will respond with a node or a script that will be able to distinguish between the two. Please see below.

Nevermind. I found these nodes. I think I can make this work now. Thanks.