How to calculate a series of volume and output the result?

I am trying to calculate cut/fill volumes between EG(existing ground surface) and FG(design surface), while there are a log of FGs generated based on a number of parameters. I need to find out the ‘best’ FG out of these FGs through the analysis of the cut/fill volumes results. The process is like the optimization of the grading optimization in civil3d 2022.

Hope you can give some advice.

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What have you tried so far?

first thanks a lot for your reply.

I decide learn C# from scratch to do this task, and I’ve write a “hello world” successfully.
Next step, I plan to learn from your github code.

Maybe to complete this job needs a lot of time.
When I get it worked, I’ll tell you the first time.

thanks again.

I met a problem when coding and debugging I have to restart my civi3d every time and “netload” my “.dll”.
Searching in google I got the same question Restart AutoCAD every time .DLL is recompiled met by others, but I didn’t figure out the solution.

Do you have other method to avoid restart c3d every time?

Nope. But if you are using NETLOAD, does that mean that you’re not looking for a Dynamo solution?

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I plan to solve the " batch volume calculation " problem first by c#,

maybe I’ll Custom a Dynamo Node Using C# based on the solution afterwards.