Batch output volume of a generated TinVolumeSurface

I would like to analysis the relationship between cut/fill volume and some parameters of the corridor from which the compared surface is generated.

So, 1) I tried to update the corridor in based on a range value of the subassembly parameter. 2) Then create a TinVolumeSurface comparing the corridor’s surface and EG, Finally get infomation of the generated TinVolumeSurface, output the result.

Now I can implement updating the corridor using “AppliedSubassembly.SetParameterByName” and create a TinVolumeSurface by the help of stabouw.

But I don’t know how to refresh the generated TinVolumeSurface everytime the Corridor is refreshed, any body give some advice, thanks.

Hi @xiaogh98,

Could this not be accomplished by setting the surface to Rebuild → Automatic in Toolspace?

Thanks very much for your reply,
but I didn’t succeed yet.