volume calculation with dynamo - civil3d

Hello friends!

I’m learning Dynamo, so if you can give an answer to someone who is learning, I would really appreciate it!

I already have a file that has:

  • The surface of the created corridor;
  • The natural terrain;
  • Rock surface;
  • Alignment and the simple line;
  • I have already added my surfaces within the section group;

I would like to create a routine in dynamo in which I could generate my bills of materials (I don’t have the materials created in my section group. The idea is to create them within Dynamo). I need to create the bill of materials for: cut volumes soil, rock and project fill.

I already do it manually, but I would like to create this routine.

Can someone please recommend me a video or explain how to do it?

Do you have any dino file you are working on in training