How to calculate a parameter from different types in a list

Hello everyone! I’m tryng to figure out how to calculate the area of different types of floor present in my project.
Once I got two separated lists of the different types of floor and the correnspondents areas, i don’t know how get the total area for each type of floor.
Thanks for your help!!

you can use a Math.Sum node

It is not just about calculating the total area of all floor types but to calculate the total area for any type present in the project (red square).

Here the fastest way, I think :wink:

That’s illuminating!! Just one more question, I cannot find the Elements.Type node is in some custom package?
Thanks a lot

Yes, Elements.Type is in Archilab package, but you can use the OOTB Element.ElementType :

If you are using Dynamo 1.3 you can also use FamilyInstance.Type

Glad to be helpful, don’t forget to mark the topic as solved :wink:

I’m sorry but i still cannot find no one of these nodes ( Elements.Type, Element.ElementType, FamilyInstance.Type) no one of them is in pre installed nodes in Dynamo and in Archi-lab neither

Which version are you using?

2.0.2, there should be something wrong!

It should be under Revit > Elements > Elements > ElementType, if you don’t find post a screenshot like this:

I haven’t it! so weird

That’s really weird, I have no idea.
But with the old good GetParameterValueByName it should always work: