How to build an Assembly Manager tool?

I am New to this Whole Dynamo thing and trying to utilize it to help me out. I made about 100 assemblies and have no clue how to go to get Dynamo to edit the things Revit makes using the Assembly Tool in Out Of The Box Revit (View, Sheets, And Schedules). I have searched through other post and Can’t seem to piece things together. Rather than Hijacking another post I figured it was more Beneficial to create a new thread.

What I am trying to do exactly is

Take The Assemblies I created rename The Sheets using an assembly Name and adding a Suffix

Make all the views fine detail

Place them on the Sheet

Make the Assembly’s Schedules have all the Fields and Filters I need to show, as well as the rename these schedules to match the renamed sheet with assembly name and suffix.

If I could figure that out I would be happy.

thanks for any help in advance, as well as apologies for being a noob.

Nothing wrong with being a noob. No apologies needed. You will need to show some work. What you are asking for is possible, but i doubt anyone here is just going to do it for you and email you the results. I have personally built a tool that does all of the things that you are asking for before, so its possible, but it will take some time and commitment from you to sort it out. Please start small, with individual tasks, post your attempts, and ask specific questions. I am sure people will help.

Ps. My tool was proprietary, and not in Dynamo so please don’t ask me to share it here. Sorry.


Ok, so starting small.

I have all my assemblies made and named, as well as the sheets views and schedule for all the assemblies.

I would like to use dynamo to edit these schedules to use the fields and filters that I want.

Here is what I get
<img src="//" width="471"height=“313”>

This what I would like to create with dynamo

So in the daily builds of Dynamo there are new nodes that allow for creation of Schedules. If you are not sure what a Daily Build of Dynamo is, just search this forum and you will find it. When you have that installed, just look under Revit>Views>Schedules for components like SchedulableFields, AddFields etc. These should get you started in adding new columns to a schedule.

just installed today’s daily build and I don’t have anything for schedules?

This must be a typical Dynamo behavior where it didn’t install properly. Please try wiping the thing clean and then installing a fresh daily build.

I did, however, find something in Archi-lab_Grimshaw

Yeah, I submitted these nodes into Dynamo repo and they were merged a while ago. I recommend to use what I submitted into official Dynamo repo since I added more stuff to it and it was thoroughly vetted by the dev team there.

My package can get you started but I am not going to support these nodes since they were already added to OOTB. I will discontinue them as soon as new stable version of Dynamo comes out.

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ok, is The best method of Uninstalling through the control panel?

I personally prefer this method:

…but you decide. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ps. But seriously, yes, I usually use the Control Panel to uninstall programs. Works like a charm…for the most part.


I am about to use that method, I used the control panel, performed a restart, then downloaded the latest build and still no schedule nodes?

Well I could suggest building DynamoRevit from source but that’s not how things should be done. I am not sure what to tell you now. @Zach_Kron are the View Schedule nodes in the daily builds? It looks like they might have gone missing.

should I try another build?