Creating a schedule from Dynamo


I’m trying to create a schedule using dynamo so I can add the information from my excel file. I found a node from the archi lab package “Schedule.CreateKeySchedule”, which I’m trying to use to create a key schedule.

I tried following the UI posted below to help identify what was happening, but I don’t know what the “type” represents and the internal code isn’t posted for the node.

I have also tried setting “type” to “Schedule” based off the Type properties I found, but that did not work either.

This is an old node. Please download latest archi-lab package. Also, this functionality was moved to Dynamo so these nodes should now be under Revit>Views>ViewSchedule. The type input will be a dropdown node called Schedule Type.



Thank you for the quick reply, but I’m unable to find the node you’re referring to after downloading the new package. You said the nodes were placed in the new location Revit>Views>ViewSchedule?

This is all of the installed packages I have + the version.

Out of the box Revit nodes. They will be all the way down in the menu under Revit.They are not part of the archi-lab package.

I believe that is the out of box Revit nodes. I wasn’t looking under the archi-lab package.

version 1.3. look for Views>ScheduleView


Sigh, I should have been able to figure out the issue was with Dynamo, not your package when you said the functionality had been switched over to Dynamo… Upgraded Dynamo to 1.3 and now the node works like a charm, thanks.

Is there any documentation for using these nodes? Can this be used to create schedules for assemblies? Thanks

Hello @nburr3551,

New question, new thread. That way when people in the future have the same question they will be directed to your thread instead of having to look through mine. :slight_smile:

I double down on @anelson saying that a new question should be on a new thread. However, answer to this one is simple: No. Assemblies have their own separate Create methods for Views, Sheets, and Schedule. That means that this node will not be able to create an Assembly Schedule. Sorry.

I was more referring to the first part of the question @Konrad_K_Sobon . I was hoping he would explain more what “these” nodes referred to in a separate question. The overall dynamo nodes? Your specific archi-lab nodes? I was curious myself if there was documentation explaining nodes that would be equivalent to pythons documentation. I know you have something similar on your own site referring to particular applications, but nothing extensive for each individual node and examples of in use. I’m hoping this forum eventually evolves into the equivalent of stack overflow and there is a plethora of information for people to teach themselves to “fish” as I’m trying to do now. Just sharing my thoughts!

Likewise, I suppose you cannot create a sheet list either? :expressionless:

@Cody_Winchester post a request here:

I am going to close this post as its really getting off topic.

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