How to automatically generate bolts on the flange face

Hello everyone!

Does anyone know where I can find an example of a Dynamo file that automatically generates bolt on a flange?
Currently I have manually placed the bolts on the flange face, but this means that I have to manually perform more than 400 placements in one project.

Also, I’m a Dynamo newbie. What learning materials are available to systematically learn Dynamo?

Best to start with the primer:

Skip nothing - every exercise is necessary. Even if the outcome seems irrelevant to your needs, you aren’t learning how to put solar panels on the roof, but understanding list lacing and levels.

Also the Dynamo Office Hours will cover a lot of other examples for early stuff - specifically the first 10 or so episodes (until we finish geometry). Dynamo Office Hours - YouTube

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll start with the reference you suggested for the exercise.
Your help is greatly appreciated.