Looking for exercises to help a beginner to learn Dynamo

Hey guys,

I’m brand new to this forum and to using Dynamo and I’m looking to find exercises I can work on learn the software so I can start using it in my work.

I design industrial steel buildings in my job, the modelling for which is quiet repetitive so I’m looking to develop scripts that can automate it as much as possible. My structures are generally made up as follows;

Single or two storey portal frame / roof truss structure with cladding rails and purlins
Pad footings with slab on grade or piled foundations with suspended slabs

From my understanding of Dynamo I should be able to write scripts that will generate a structural model in Revit very quickly once I have inputted the relevant parameters such as overall geometry, section sizes etc.

Outside of modeling I’m also looking to develop scripts that can export .dwgs and .pdfs from a Revit model as well as strip a Revit model of external links so it can be converted into a .nwc file to be incorporated into a federated model for design team coordination. These tasks are quiet time consuming and I’m very eager to find a way to do them faster!

From my initial research on Dynamo I can see that it has far more capability than what I require it for so I’m looking to tailor my learning to the modeling that I require for my work.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who can help me out in getting started, please do get in touch!



Best place to start: https://primer.dynamobim.org/

Don’t skip anything, even if you think you won’t need to build such a tool in your work - it’s the concepts behind them which are important not the resulting tools which are built.


Thanks Jacob, I’m starting to look through primer now and there’s certainly a lot of good information in it to get me started!

Can you tell me are the any operations in Revit that cannot be scripted in Dynamo? I’m thinking about things like setting up drawing title blocks, crop views etc. Things not directly related to modelling but necessary for the production of drawings?

The things you mentioned are possible, try the search button in the forum.

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I second the primer method suggested by @jacob.small. I guess I took a couple months to run though it back in 2015-2016 and never looked back. I’ve continued to suggest it in the workshops and talks I give. I think it’s slowly been updated too if I recall correctly?

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Correct. New ones to discuss other bits of coolness are also in the works. :slight_smile: